The Pathway of Roses – Christian D. Larson PDF


Table of Contents

  1. Paths to the Life Beautiful 7
  2. The Way to Freedom 17
  3. The Supreme Point of View 31
  4. The True Order of Things 37
  5. The Good That is in You 45
  6. Give Your Best to the World 53
  7. Giving Much and Receiving Much. . 63
  8. And All Things Shall Be Added. … 77
  9. When Life is Worth Living 87
  10. The Way, the Truth and the Life …. 105
  11. To Know and Think the Truth 113
  12. Finding the Lost Word 131
  13. The Eoyal Path to Wisdom 145
  14. The Golden Path to Increase 153
  15. The Life More Abundant 165
  16. Human Nature Becoming Divine Nature 175
  17. A Sublime State of Existence 183
  18. A Foretaste of Heaven 193
  19. The Vision of the Soul 203
  20. The Infinite Revealed 213
  21. Return Ye Unto God 223
  22. Prayers That are Answered 233
  23. The Faith That Moves Mountains. .253
  24. The Winds and the Waves Shall Obey My Will 279
  25. For I Have Overcome the World. . . .295
  26. The Supreme Purpose of Life 309
  27. The Psalm of Rejoicing 319
  28. God’s Beautiful Gift to Me

Book Summary

The thinking world of today is being filled with a phase of thought that has exceptional value. True, some of it is in a somewhat chaotic condition, but most of it is rich, containing within itself the very life of that truth that is making the world free. But in the finding of this truth, and in the application of its principles, where are we to begin? What are we to
do first? And after we have begun, and find ourselves in the midst of a life so large, so immense and so marvelous that it will require eternity to live it all, what are the great essentials that we should ever remember and apply! What are the great centers of life about which we may build a greater and a greater life? These are questions that thousands are asking today, and the answer is simple.

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