The Conquest of Disease, The Psychology of Mental and Spiritual Healing – Eugene Del Mar PDF


Table of Contents

  1. Correspondences 11
  2. Purposes and Objects 25
  3. The Fundamental Basis 35
  4. Principle or Truth 43
  5. The Delusion of the Senses 51
  6. The Illusion of Appearance 63
  7. The Obsession of Fear 73
  8. Knowledge and Opinion 83
  9. The Reversal of Polarity 93
  10. Thought : Intellectual and Emotional. 101
  11. Conscious and Subconscious 111
  12. Suggestion and Auto-Suggestion 123
  13. Inhibition and Prohibition 135
  14. Common Sense 145
  15. The Realm of the Ideal 153
  16. The Silence 161
  17. The Cause of Disease 171
  18. The Cure of Disease 181
  19. Healing Methods 193
  20. Faith and Love 207
  21. Perfect Health

Book Summary

One of the most significant revelations of mental and spiritual healing has been the correspondence of mental states and physical conditions, disclosing the fact that the two are really one and identical, that the mental is the realm of cause and the physical that of effect, and that physical healing is essentially mental. More than this these correspond- ences have been observed carefully by many healers and their results compared, so that there is already a considerable body of such knowledge that is available for use in the mental healing of physical disease.

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