Suggestion and Auto-suggestion – William Walker Atkinson PDF


Table of Contents

  1. What is Suggestion?
  2. Suggestion of Authority.
  3. Suggestion of Habit and Repetition.
  4. Suggestion of Imitation.
  5. Instances of Suggestion.
  6. Suggestion in Business.
  7. Suggestion and Character.
  8. Suggestion in Childhood.
  9. Suggestion and Health.
  10. Masked Suggestion.
  11. Suggestive Therapeutics.
  12. Mental Cause and Cure.
  13. Therapeutic Suggestion.
  14. Suggestive Treatments.
  15. “The New Method.”
  16. Auto-Suggestion.
  17. Self-Impression.
  18. Auto-Suggestive Methods.
  19. Character Building.
  20. Health, Happiness and Prosperity.

Book Summary

1909. The word “suggestion” is derived from the Latin word“suggestus,” which has for its base the word “suggero,” meaning: “To carry under.” Its original use was in the sense of a “placing under” or deft insinuation of a thought, idea, or impression, under the observant and watchful care of the attention, and into the “inner consciousness” of the individual.

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