Self-healing by Thought Force – William Walker Atkinson PDF


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Book Summary

In this book Atkinson sustains the theory that every man or woman has within him, dormant in many cases, a certain recuperative power capable of restoring lost functions and strength to diseased organs. This power of “self-healing” may be aroused by the mental power of the healer, the efforts of the patient himself, faith, ceremonies, “treatments,” remedies. In many cases this recuperative power is prevented from operating by the influence of Fear in the mind of the patient, and the “treatment” frequently is merely the relieving the patient of his Fearthought and replacing it with Hope and Faith—practically a taking off of the brakes which the patient has placed on Nature’s healing processes. Besides the general theory, some specific self treatments are offered in the book, such as Stomach Troubles, Constipation, Circulation, Nervousness, Insomnia, etc

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