Not Hypnotism, But Suggestion – Henry Harrison Brown PDF


Table of Contents

  1. Truth and Unity
  2. I and Not I
  3. Power of Choice
  4. Sensation
  5. Emotion
  6. Key to Wisdom
  7. Responsibility of Choice
  8. Where Lies Choice
  9. Unlikeness
  10. Results of Thinking
  11. Fate can be controlled
  12. A definition of Suggestion
  13. Possession
  14. Power of thought
  15. Self Assertion
  16. The Open Sesame
  17. Philosophers Stone
  18. Prof. Gates Evidence
  19. Primal Manifestation
  20. Objective Life
  21. Source of Power
  22. THe Law of Life
  23. Self-Protection
  24. The Unity of Power
  25. Not Operators Will
  26. Power of Will
  27. Untrained Will
  28. Hypnotism Innocuous
  29. Safety of Hypnosis
  30. Self-Hypnosis: Degrees of
  31. Press Libels
  32. Evil Advertisements
  33. Personal Responsibility
  34. Misrepresentation
  35. THought Harmony
  36. Authorities
  37. Testimonies
  38. Self-Suggestion
  39. THe One Law
  40. Post-Hypnotism
  41. A Deeper Lesson
  42. Thought Seeds
  43. Incidents
  44. Spiritualism
  45. Chrisitian Science
  46. Life and Art
  47. Materialised Will
  48. Mastery of Fate
  49. The Manifest Ideal
  50. Forumulas for Self Hypnotism

Book Summary

Phenomena, under the name “Hypnotism,” draw increased and deserved attention. For nearly one hundred and fifty years it has been known and, under various names, produced for amusement, mystifying, study, or physical benefit. It has been best known as “Mesmerism” and “Animal Magnetism.” It now has a literature of its own and occupies much attention in the secular press. Its friends are in every walk of life. Schools and mail courses of study are plentiful. It is destined to be a most powerful factor in the therapeutic, educational and reformatory growth of the new century. That these phenomena exist is now no longer doubted. Their importance is admitted by all who give the subject even a casual study.

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