First Lessons in New Thought – J. W. Winkley PDF


Table of Contents

  1. Introductory – 9
  2. The Power of the Mind – 13
  3. Health Natural – Disease Unnatural – 19
  4. Health Pleasurable – Disease Painful – 26
  5. Health Harmonius – Disease Inharmonious – 32
  6. Man’s Many-Sidedness – 35
  7. The New Thought and God – 40
  8. The New Thought and Man – 45
  9. The Fact of the Healing – 55

Book Summary

J.W. Winkley was the editor of The New Thought Magazine Practical Ideals and one of the first New Thought MD’s. Dr. Winkley, began his ministerial journey as a Unitarian minister, studied Christian Science, then became an enthusiastic participant in the Mental Science Movement, which later became known as New Thought, Winkley established the Church of the Divine Unity in 1886. He also worked on the early New Thought periodical Mental Healing Monthly, as well as being one of the founders of the Metaphysical Club.

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